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when our parents lose their powers: reflecting on Parasite and Beasts of the Southern Wild

Dec 1, 2019

[contains spoilers for Parasite] I saw Parasite recently and walked away thinking about similar themes to those widely written about (class, mostly), but also about one scene that brought me to tears.

Fam In The Hague

Jul 20, 2019

I learned my mom’s cousin Phil and his wife Karen, both international school teachers who have lived all over the world, lived in the Hague in the Netherlands, I decided I’d try to drop by if I could. On my way out of Europe, there was a nice flight out of Schiphol that lined up well with my schedule and I ended up having the best time.

Montreux Aka Heaven

Jul 15, 2019

Nelson and I parted ways after our time in Zurich because I really wanted to go to the Montreux jazz festival. Montreux is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland along Lake Geneva and it exceeded literally any expectation I could ever have. The weather was consistently lovely, the lake was perfect for swimming, and the music (jazz but also other stuff) was unparalleled.

Zurich (mostly Vampire Weekend)

Jul 12, 2019

Our next stop in Zurich was inspired mostly by our plan to see Vampire Weekend in concert.


Jul 10, 2019

Following a lot of travel, I was in the mood to hang out by some water and get a little sunshine. We flew from London to Barcelona and stayed in the first (and only) hotel of the trip. It was quite posh and there was a gym and a pool. Also, Barcelona was beautiful! Quite warm, but more of an expected warm than some of the other places.


Jul 7, 2019

After Paris we flew to London. We flew Vueling and ended up with like a 4 hour delay. We got into Gatwick at around 2 or 3 in the morning and I was sooooo tired. It was kind of pricey, but luckily an uber driver finally accepted the request, so we got to the airbnb quicker than by train. We slept a lot the next day and then wandered around the city a bit.

Paris, Versailles, And Rennes

Jul 4, 2019

After Brussels, we took a few trains to Paris, which was a sort of guiding stop on our trip because we’d booked tickets with my friend Olga to see a women’s world cup game in Rennes, which was a few hours outside of Paris.


Jun 28, 2019

We took the train from Amsterdam to Brussels, a decision motivated mostly because we needed to be in Paris by the weekend and Brussels was between the two. I didn’t realize that Brussels was the HQ of the EU (later learned it oscillates between Brussels and some other city), but we ended up going to a really neat museum about the EU, sitting in on some parliamentary debates, and doing other fun things. It was, as with Amsterdam, very hot.

Amsterdam Again

Jun 25, 2019

We flew from CPH to AMS next. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice before; both times were quick layover trips into the city to stretch my legs and see new things. I was excited to get to see more! We stayed in a lovely airbnb a little bit outside of the city center. While there, we went to a couple museums, did a boat tour, and ate some tasty Thai food, among other things.