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After Paris we flew to London. We flew Vueling and ended up with like a 4 hour delay. We got into Gatwick at around 2 or 3 in the morning and I was sooooo tired. It was kind of pricey, but luckily an uber driver finally accepted the request, so we got to the airbnb quicker than by train. We slept a lot the next day and then wandered around the city a bit.

I stopped by the famous Harrods; growing up I had a coin bank with a little Harrods bear on it that my grandma had given me. I got her a rabbit-themed potholder :)

Phone booth in London
Phone booth in London

Then I walked to Buckingham palace and the park next to it.

Pretty park in London with water and trees and the london eye
Pretty park in London
Buckingham palace with gray skies
Buckingham Palace

That night I watched the US women win against the British team in the last game before the finals! There were a few other happy Americans at the bar.

The next day, I went to British Parliament and observed debate in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The latter discussed the deal/no-deal thing with Brexit, something I was entirely ignorant to before this. It was quite interesting and also a bit upsetting. Also, the civic buildings were sooo much more church-y than any I’ve seen in the US!

British parliament entryway
British parliament (much more church-y than any political building in the US)

I also did some more tourist-y things, like visiting the Tower of London. It wasn’t my favorite excursion because it was very busy and felt rather contrived.

View of the River Thames and a bridge
View of the London Bridge (or just a bridge in London :)
tower of london
Tower of London
tower of london view
Tower of London view
cat in london
Cat in London