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Across Western Europe Summer 2019

Outline of most countries in Western Europe and a flight path around them

A couple of days after graduation, my friend Nelson and I flew from Seattle to Reykjavik and traveled around Western Europe for about 4 weeks. We stayed in a couple of hostels but mostly airbnbs. We did a lot of things, but didn’t plan out very much in advance, which I really enjoyed. For the last week or so, Nelson and I parted ways because I wanted to go to a jazz festival. We both packed pretty light, something that was kind of new to me, and it was nice to never have to check a bag and to be able to (only somewhat un) comfortably carry my stuff with me when we got to a new place.

Anyway, there was a lot of stuff and I wanted to have at least some of it somewhere, so I made a blog post for each leg.