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Fam In The Hague

I learned my mom’s cousin Phil and his wife Karen, both international school teachers who have lived all over the world, lived in the Hague in the Netherlands, I decided I’d try to drop by if I could. On my way out of Europe, there was a nice flight out of Schiphol that lined up well with my schedule and I ended up having the best time.

Phil and Karen welcomed me and fed me very tasty vegan food! We met up with their son Sam, who is an artist working on very cool stuff with a lot of programming involved, for lunch the next day.

Four people in the Hague
Me, Phil and Karen, and their son Sam
church in the hague with pretty blue skies
Church(?) in the Hague

We also went to the Mauritshuis, which had a lot of Rembrandts but, most importantly, the Goldfinch, which is on the cover of my favorite novel!

Small painting the Goldfinch
The Goldfinch (from my favorite novel!)

We also watched this weird netflix show called Cuckoo which was very funny and odd. I haven’t felt so cozy and at home in such a long time and it was a real highlight of my trip!

Also their apartment was beautiful and I wish I’d taken more pictures, but even the staircase in the building was beautiful :)

Turquoise staircase with turquoise tile walls
Pretty staircase