software engineer 08.2019-
google research Mountain View, California

Develop interfaces and infrastructure for researchers to collect data with crowd computing.

research Engineer Intern 09.2018-04.2019
Allen Institute for AI Seattle, WA

Implemented the Semantic Scholar knowledge graph as a graph database. Developed a scalable system to allow robust bibliometric queries.

software engineer intern 06.2018-09.2018
facebook New York, NY

Developed tooling around biases in human review processes.

research assistant 12.2017-06.2018
molecular information systems lab seattle, wa

Contributed to an open source operating system for a microfluidics lab-on-a-chip; part of DNA data storage research.

teaching assistant 03.2017-12.2017
paul g. allen school seattle, wa

Assisted with second in intro programming series.

eng. practicum intern 06.2017-09.2017
google mountain view, ca

Added a feature to AdWords Scripts.

congressional intern 01.2016-05.2016
us house of representatives washington, dc
internal systems manager 08.2015-08.2016
b.lin catering washington, dc

Volunteer Work

Big Sister 05.2017-06.2019
Big Brothers/Big Sisters seattle, wa
Coach + Mentor + Teacher 09.2015-03.2016
Girls on the Run washington, dc


B.S. Computer Science 10.2016-6.2019
Departmental Honors
Paul G. Allen School University of Washington

Peer adviser, exploration session instructor, member of provost’s advisory council.


  • GrapAL: Connecting the Dots in Academic Literature (Christine Betts et al.); ACL 2019 (Demo track)
  • AI2 Rich Context Competition whitepaper (Daniel King et al.)
  • Puddle: A Dynamic, Error-Correcting, Full-Stack Microfluidics Platform (Max Willsey et al.); ASPLOS 2019



  • Java
  • Hack
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • JavaScript
  • Python


  • PHP
  • Haskell
  • Racket
  • C
  • C++
  • Rust
  • LaTex


  • Version control
  • Command line
  • GDB + LLDB
  • Neo4j
  • Docker
  • AWS

Selected Awards & Honors